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Watershed Assessment Reports (305(b) Reports) and
Lists of Waters Requiring TMDLs (303(d) Lists)

Section 305(b) of the Federal Clean Water Act requires that states and other entities prepare a Watershed Assessment Report to the EPA on April 1 of every even numbered year. EPA is required to summarize those reports and prepare a report to Congress. State 305(b) reports are considered a primary source (though not the sole source) of information used when each state compiles its required list of waters needing TMDLs to reach their standards that is also submitted to the EPA on April 1 of even numbered years. The list is commonly referred to as the 303(d) list.


2008 Combined 305(b) Report and 303(d) List

2006 Combined 305(b) Report and 303(d) List

2004 Combined 305(b) Report and 303(d) List

Delaware 2002 Watershed Assessment Report

Final Delaware 2002 303(d) List

Delaware 1998 Watershed Assessment Report [305(b) Report]
Delaware's 1998 303(d) list.


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EPA Region 3 TMDL Web page. Delaware works with this Region to complete its TMDLs.

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