Inside Your Home

There is a lot you can do in your home to save energy, water and money. Best yet, it often doesn't cost much to produce savings.

Examples of inexpensive energy saving projects:

 CostYearly Savings
Pull down the window shades at night$0 $5 per window
Weatherstrip windows with rope caulk $.50/window$5 per window
Weatherstrip door and install doorsweep$8 per door$10 per door
Turn down temperature setting on water heater$0$30-60
install low-flow shower head$10 $15-50

Units of Energy Measurement

Appliance energy use is measured in several ways:

What Do You Pay Now?

To find out how much you are currently paying for electricity, divide the total amount of your latest bill by the total number of kWh used. For natural gas, divide the bill amount by the total amount of ccf or therms used.

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