P2 & You....

A Guide To Environmentally Friendly Living

Introduction P2 & YOU...

It's more than a catchy phrase. P2 (otherwise known as Pollution Prevention) and you, refers to incorporating conservation and pollution reduction activities and principles into how we live our lives. P2 & You can range from very simple things, such as turning off the water when you brush your teeth, to environmental decision-making before major purchases, such as buying a clothes dryer with a moisture sensor, cool down cycle and electric ignition.

This booklet contains information on ways to lead more environmentally friendly lives and reduce the negative impact we each have on the environment. The ideas and changes are varied, some save energy, others reduce water use or resource consumption, and others are aimed at reducing the pollution we create.

Why do we need to lead environmentally friendly lives?

Consider the following:

So, read on to learn ways you can help the environment, and save some money to boot, through P2 & You.

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