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Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society

The Southeastern Section of The Wildlife Society is an organization of wildlife professionals in the southeastern United States. The principal objectives of the Section are: the establishment of professional solidarity and maintenance of the highest professional standards; promotion of wildlife management by sound biological concepts; and protection of the interest of its members. The Section serves as a liaison between the individual member, state chapters, and The Wildlife Society, focusing attention upon the needs of wildlife professionals and problems and events in the Southeast. The Section arranges for annual meetings at which discussions may be held to encourage wildlife management in member states, papers are presented to advance the science and practice of wildlife management, and outstanding contributions to the profession are recognized and commended.

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Federal/State Partnerships of Importance

Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration

This program is authorized with State fish and wildlife agencies for sport fish management, boating access and aquatic resource education.

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration

This program is authorized with State fish and wildlife agencies for restoration of wild birds and mammals and to acquire, develop, and manage their habitats; for the education of hunters; and development and management of shooting ranges.

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