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The type of event I am apply for is:
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Fishing Tournament
Rowing Regatta
Power Boat Race
Boat Parade

If you have selected Fishing Tournament or Other, Fill in the appropriate space below.

Note: If you are requesting an event on a state pond, you must receive permission for the event from the Division of Parks and Recreation. The telephone numbers for the 3 ponds most frequently requested are listed for your convenience:

Lums Pond (302) 368-6989
Killen Pond (302) 284-4526
Trap Pond (302) 875-5153

The Division of Fish and Wildlife gets inquiries from the general public about scheduled fishing tournaments in the state. Do you want the Division of Fish and Wildlife to inform the public of your particular tournament(s) if asked?
(Please type one of the following in the box below)
Yes Inform the Public
No do not Inform the Public

Please give a description of your event: A representative from the Enforcement Section may contact the person noted above to discuss your plans for providing event security, medical assistance, sanitary facilities, rescue personnel and insurance if any are applicable to your event. A chart of the area effected by the event may also be required:

30 Days Advanced Notice is Required for the Event Requested

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