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Lloyd Alexander
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Delaware's Dog Control Program is administered through the Delaware SPCA for New Castle and Sussex Counties and the Kent County SPCA for Kent County. State funding is provided through contracts with these private organizations who provide services for dog control complaints. The Division of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for issuing dog licenses through a statewide network of dog license agents

Delaware dog laws concerning licensing are fairly simple. All dogs over the age of six months must have a valid rabies vaccination and be licensed. Licenses can be purchased for terms up to three years in length, providing the rabies vaccination is valid for the period. The annual fee for a neutered/spayed dog is $3.00 and the annual fee for an unsterilized is $6.00. The City of Wilmington has its own dog laws and licensing system.

There are special provisions for kennel owners that allow people to keep multiple numbers of dogs at reduced license fees. Kennel owners are subject the inspection of their facilities to assure humane standards.

Additional Information about licensing dogs is available from the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife at (302) 739-4431.



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The complete dog laws of Delaware can be viewed in the:

Delaware Code

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To Report a Dog Complaint, Contact:

New Castle County
Delaware SPCA
(302) 998-2281

Kent County
Kent County SPCA
(302) 734-7029

Sussex County
Delaware SPCA
(302) 856-6361

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