The Division of Air & Waste Management's ASBESTOS ABATEMENT RENOVATION/DEMOLITION PROGRAM was implemented to protect public health. Asbestos is the cause of asbestosis, as well as a rare form of lung cancer. This program regulates the removal and disposal of asbestos in the State. Asbestos materials were used in industrial and commercial facilities as well as in homes until the early 1980's. The mineral was used to insulate heating ducts and to make roofing tiles and siding material. The staff of this program can help you to determine if any asbestos found in your home should be sealed or removed and can provide you with a list of contractors certified to work with you to correct your asbestos problems. The Division conducts a bulk asbestos identification program to determine the presence of asbestos. For more information, contact the Air Quality Management Section at (302) 739-4791 (Kent and Sussex Counties) or 302-323-4542 (New Castle County).

How Do I Apply?

Licensed contractors will submit required notifications for you, or you may submit a notice for demolition by contacting DNREC's Air Quality Management Section, Division of Air and Waste Management, at the numbers listed below.

Administered by: DNREC
Division of Air and Waste Management
Air Quality Management Section
Phone: New Castle County -(302) 323-4542
Kent & Sussex Counties-(302) 739-4791

Regulatory Program: Regulations Governing the Control of Air Pollution
Enabling Legislation: Reg. No. 21, Section 10, "Emission Standards for Asbestos"