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Beginning Archery
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman in Delaware
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Delaware’s Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program

Course Descriptions


The Division of Fish & Wildlife strives to fulfill the goals of the BOW Program by providing women the opportunity to learn skills that will encourage and enhance participation in Delaware's outdoor recreational activities. The BOW Weekend offers four half-day training sessions with courses that are grouped into three categories:

Fishing & Boating               Hunting & Shooting               Outdoor Recreation

Participants have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of course offerings during each of the sessions. Included among the many hands-on courses during the weekend are archery, surf fishing, camping, shotgun shooting, basic boating, sea kayaking, hunting skills, flyfishing, nature photography, and various other outdoor activities.

Fishing & Boating Courses

Advanced Flyfishing

Basic Boating - Experience hands-on boat operation while traveling through Rehoboth Bay. Learn the safety rules of the water, knot tying, mooring, as well as the navigational skills needed to properly operate a small powerboat.

Crabbing & Clamming - Participants learn about shellfish that are recreationally important to the Delaware bays. Check out prime habitat for the Blue Crab and Hard Clam, and try your hand at harvesting some of each.

Flyfishing Expedition - This class offers an opportunity to cast for sunfish, perch, and bass from the bank of a local pond, as well as practice catch and release. Information on fish behavior and interpreting water are also covered.

Hook, Line & Sinker - Participants get an introduction to the basics of rods, reels, and tackle. Learn the secrets of successful fishing, including fish behavior and aquatic life, weather factors, knot tying, reel maintenance, and boating information.

Introduction to Flyfishing - Participants learn the art of fly casting, how to tie their own flies, and how to select the proper equipment for this unique fishing experience.

Saltwater Fishing - A basic introduction to saltwater tackle and angling skills needed to catch near shore species, including flounder, sea trout, sea bass, and bluefish. Following a brief on-shore instruction, participants will board a 21-foot Carolina Skiff for hands-on fishing on the Rehoboth and Indian River Bays.

Surf Fishing - This course introduces participants to the equipment and skills needed to become a successful saltwater angler while enjoying the surf and the sand.

Hunting & Shooting Courses

Bow & Arrow

Beginning Archery - Try out various types of bows and arrows and learn to select equipment best suited for you. Participants have a chance to develop their shooting skills at the range. Emphasis is placed on accuracy through recreational target shooting.

Advanced Archery - Participants learn how to use more advanced equipment while fine tuning their skills. Learn more about clustering arrows for accurate shot placement, and practice on 2-D and 3-D targets.

Bow Hunting - Participants can translate their archery skills into a love of hunting with bow and arrow. Practice shot placement on 3-D deer, and aim at moving targets in hunting scenarios while inside the DART Interactive Video System. This course will prepare you for bow hunting through teachings on ethics, hunting techniques, field equipment, and tree stands.


Beginning Shotgun - Participants learn firearm safety and the techniques of clay target shooting through hands-on activities.

Introduction to Rifle & Pistol Shooting - Learn safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition. Shooting fundamentals, training, and hands-on instruction are provided at the shooting range.


Basic Decoy Carving

Basic Hunter Education

Outdoor Recreation Courses

ABC's of Herbs

Basic Orienteering - Participants learn the basics of navigation by using a compass and reading maps while exploring Camp Arrowhead in this popular form of recreation.

Mountain Biking

Outdoor Adventures & Fitness - Improve your health by utilizing the great outdoors for the best possible workout. Discover how you can use gravity, natural materials, and your surroundings to achieve personal fitness.

Road Cycling

Camping & Hiking

Camping Basics - Learn about all facets of simple family camping, including tents and sleeping bags, camp stoves and lanterns, and other proper equipment. Participate in hands-on activities designed to improve your next outdoor adventure.

Day Hiking Delmarva - Learn the basics of day hiking and how to get the most out of your miles. A two-hour hike includes learning about the environment, habitat, and wildlife that surround you. Participants also receive a list of choice hiking trails on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Introduction to Backpacking - Learn about all of the necessary lightweight equipment used in this outdoor sport. Participants have the opportunity to try out various packs, tents, and other supplies.

Low Impact Camping and Survival Skills - Camping is an integral and enjoyable part of many outdoor activities. Discussions include what to take along, what to leave behind, and equipment choices that meet various comfort levels. Information on tents, sleeping bags, stoves, water purification, menu items, and trail etiquette are also included.


Introduction to Photographing Nature - Learn the basics of photography, including camera functions, film choice, proper exposure, and light composition while in the classroom. Try out your newly learned skills during an outdoor hands-on expedition. Participants should plan to provide their own camera and film.

Advanced Nature Photography - Learn more about the composition of photographs and different types of equipment. Practice taking pictures of plants, wildlife, and scenic views, as well as close-up images during a trip to Cape Henlopen. Participants should plan to provide their own camera and film.

Water Sports

Beginning Canoeing - Join this course to get a basic introduction to the parts of a canoe. Learn tandem paddling on flat water including many strokes to make your canoeing adventures more enjoyable!

Discovering Scuba - Get a fun-filled first impression of scuba diving during this closely supervised course. The pool at Camp Arrowhead provides the perfect location to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and experience the thrill of breathing underwater.

Quick-Start Kayak Course - Learn the basics of sea kayaking in this introductory course. Discussions include different types of kayaks, a variety of paddling skills, along with a myriad of other topics all with an emphasis on safety.

Sea Kayaking - Explore the waters of Rehoboth Bay while developing necessary skills and learning basic kayaking safety.

Windsurfing Introduction

Wildlife Ecology

Backyard Wildlife Habitat - Discover how to encourage wildlife to visit your home using feeders, houses, and various native plant varieties, while restoring habitat and adding beauty at the same time.

Birding 101 - Here's an opportunity to learn to identify birds through behavior, markings, and habitat while exploring the grounds surrounding Camp Arrowhead. Enjoy viewing many local resident species, as well as coastal migrants, and learn to use your backyard as a wildlife oasis.

Delaware "Wild"

Inland Bays Ecology - This course provides a basic understanding of the dynamic ecology of this shallow-water estuarine system. Activities include seining and identification of fish and invertebrates of the Inland Bays. Water quality and other environmental issues are also discussed.

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