The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has been implementing a different type of approach to assess, manage, and protect Delaware's natural resources.  This approach, known as Whole Basin Management, encourages the various programs from throughout the Department to work in an integrated manner to assess different geographic areas of the state defined on the basis of drainage patterns.  As a result of this effort, the Department is pleased to share with you the Assessment Report of Delaware's Chesapeake Basin.

This report represents the Department's collective knowledge about that portion of the Chesapeake Basin in Delaware.  Our hope is that this information can be used to help others understand the status of our natural resources and the key issues that the Department intends to focus on in this basin.

This CD-ROM contains the following:

Assessment Document



Geographic Information System Files


ArcView 3.x

ArcGIS 8.1 

Environmental Navigator (SiteIndex) Database


Whole Basin Coordinator:  Stephen N. Williams                    Basin Team Leader, Steven M. Smailer