Delaware Surface Water Quality Management

This page has been developed by the Watershed Assessment Section of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to provide information about Surface Water Quality Management in the State.

The National Clean Water Act of 1972 set in place a program that is intended to restore the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nations waters. To reach these goals, a series of steps were mandated by Congress for the Environmental Protection Agency and the States to take.

The first step was for the States to set their own standards for their waters. More information about standards in general and Delaware's Standards.

DNREC monitors water quality in order to determine compliance with its standards. An annual monitioring plan is developed and implemented. Delaware's Fiscal year 2000 Surface Water Quality Monitoring Plan.

States are also required to document their progress every two years in their Watershed Assessment Reports (known as 305(b) Reports) that are submitted to the EPA. EPA then rolls up all the States reports into a National report to Congress. States are also required to prepare a list of waters (the 303(d) list) that do not meet their standards and submit those to the EPA every two years. More information about Delaware's 305(b) Report and 303(d) lists.

For waters that fail to meet their standards, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) must be developed. Information about TMDLs in general and Delaware's TMDL activities.


  This page authored by Dave Wolanski. Last Modified April 2001.


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