I. Introduction to Air Quality Curriculum for Grades 6-12


II.  Lessons

1. Why Study Air Pollution?

This lesson is focused around the Organizing Question of “Why Study Air Pollution?” 
The lesson includes a kick-off activity that helps students
understand the basics
of air pollution, including causes, effects, and
potential solutions.  Also included
in this lesson is a cooperative Jigsaw
activity that  provides  students  with  an
in-depth  understanding of  air


2. What Impact Does Industry Have On Air Quality?

At the heart of this lesson is a map activity in which students will locate businesses
in their area that release pollution into the air, the types of emissions from these facilities,
and the health hazards of these emissions.


3. What Impact Does Transportation Have On Air Quality

A series of activities to help students understand that America’s transportation system
contributes to a large portion of the nation’s environmental problems. In this lesson
students will keep a personal transportation chart in order to log their own transportation choices.


4. Why Study Indoor Air Pollution

A series of reading activities to aid students in becoming aware that  indoor air pollution
can also have significant health effects.


5. What Impact Does Open Burning Have On Air Quality

This is a lesson focusing on a group role play activity in which students describe
a strategy they might use to influence public
opinion to use composting as an alternative
to open burning.


6.  What is Acid Rain?

This lesson’s focal point is on the effects of acid rain.  Students  will role play the part of
something that is effected by acid rain
while the rest of the class will attempt to answer
the question of
  “Who or What Am I?”


7. What are the Health Impacts of Air Pollution

This lesson  is a conclusion to the Air Quality lessons.  Students engage in a Questioning
Game activity of analyzing a series of
case studies to determine the specific pollutants
likely to have
caused a given set of health symptoms.


III.   Appendices

     A. History of Air Pollution

     B. Educational Resource Materials

     C. Glossary of Air Quality Terms