Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Enforcement Action History 1994 through March 2000
Explanation of Terms

Reference Number - The Reference Number category shows the number of the Administrative Order or the Civil Action Number, and also indicates the year in which the action was initiated.

Media - The Media category describes the area of non-compliance. (i.e., solid or hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, air, water, etc.)

Action - The Action category shows whether the action was civil or administrative.

Civil Action - A civil action is a lawsuit filed in court.

Administrative Action - An administrative action is an agency action that includes, but is not limited to, issuance of the following types of documents (and/or a combination thereof):

  1. Notice of Administrative Penalty Assessment - A Notice of Administrative Penalty Assessment sets out the facts, background and findings of violations, and gives notice that the Department intends to assess a monetary penalty based on those violations.
  2. Notice of Conciliation - A Notice of Conciliation sets out the facts, background and findings of violations, and prescribes actions a violator is required to take in order to come into compliance.
  3. Cease and Desist Order - A Cease and Desist Order instructs a violator to cease the offending conduct.
  4. Secretary's Order - A Secretary's Order is the generic term used to describe a written decision of the Secretary to take a final action.  Thus, the term Secretary's Order may be used to describe any of the above documents.
  5. Imminent Hazard Order - An Imminent Hazard Order is issued when the Secretary believes conduct may result in an imminent hazard to the public or the environment.
  6. Agreements - An agreement to resolve an administrative action.

Penalty Assessed - The Penalty Assessed category shows the penalty amount that was originally proposed.

Contribution/Donation - The Contribution/Donation category shows monies contributed or donated by a violator.

Supplemental Environmental Project - The Supplemental Environmental Project category shows monies expended by a violator that finances a project designed to improve the environment.

Other Disposition - The Other Disposition category describes any other disposition of the action.

Abbreviations used in Summary

  • p/k/a = presently known as
  • f/k/a = formerly known as
  • t/a = trading as
  • d/b/a = doing business as

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