Key Terms

Biodiversity Conservation:

The maintenance of viable populations and natural distribution of native species and communities in a regional landscape.

Steering Committee Duties

The Steering Committee Will:

  • Appoint Implementation Teams to carry out approved priority actions.
  • Provide oversight and approval of ongoing work by implementation teams and help them to identify strategic opportunities and priorities.
  • Meet on a quarterly basis to evaluate on-going progress.
  • Report regularly to the Executive Committee.
  • Establish short-and long-term indicators of success (scorecard) that provide relevant information to key stakeholders.
  • Garner high-level support from appropriate agencies and organizations to facilitate the implementation of approved actions.
  • Document tangible products and on-the-ground successes and communicate this progress to public early on and throughout the effort.
  • Identify leadership within existing programs and provide funding to guide the implementation of the Biodiversity Conservation Partnership.


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