Implementation Timeline

Phase I: First six months following adoption of partnership (July 2001 - December 2001)

  • Complete Phase I priority actions
  • Develop package for the 2002 legislative session of all proposed legislative changes
  • Communicate tangible products and on-the-ground successes to the public

Phase II: Twelve months following adoption of partnership (July 2001 - July 2002)

  • Legislative deliberation and passage
  • Complete priority actions that require more time commitment
  • By July 2002, conduct an assessment of successes and future goals
  • By September 2002, identify goals for the next legislative session
  • Communicate tangible products and on-the-ground successes to the public

Phase III: Longer Time Frame

  • Complete remaining priority actions and new actions identified through assessment
  • Communicate tangible products and on-the-ground successes to the public

Biodiversity Executive Committee Meeting Notes

July 20, 2001

Committee Members Present

  • Lee Ann Walling, Chair
  • Nick DiPasquale, DNREC
  • David Singleton, Finance
  • Nathan Hayward, Transportation
  • Valerie Woodruff, Education

Also Present:

  • Charles Baker, New Castle County
  • Bob Zimmerman, DNREC
  • Michael Riska, Del. Nature Society
  • Lori Denno, Del. Nature Society
  • Robert S. McLeod, Kent County
  • Robert Stickels, Sussex County
  • Roger Jones, Del. Nature Society
  • Lorraine Fleming, Del. Nature Society
  • Jessica Wilkinson, Env. Law Institute

The Biodiversity Executive Committee met, July 20, 2001, in the Governor's Office Conference room on the 12th floor of the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington.  The Committee met to discuss the Biodiversity Conservation Partnership report.

Nick DiPasquale stated that the implementation team will work out how to get to the recommendations and will list specific concerns and issues with the recommendations, such as funding.  He stated that this group is only endorsing the objectives that are in the report. 

Nick stated that he needs this committee to

  1. Endorse the report.
  2. Endorse the organization structure

David Singleton stated that he is concerned with the report as written.  He stated that he can endorse the report in concept, subject to feasibility and cost effectiveness.  He is concerned that if this committee endorses the report, someone will be back in front of them in a year asking for money and if the committee has to say no, that person will say "but you endorsed the recommendations".

The following wording of the endorsement was discussed:

"Endorse the framework in concept contingent upon the review of specific recommendations by the implementation team to determine their feasibility and cost effectiveness."

David Singleton stated that he is still concerned.  Roger Jones stated that the implementation committee will identify the cost effectiveness for each objective and determine if tit should be moved forward.

Nick DiPasquale stated that this report will being many decisions and recommendations that have no cost.  He further stated that he knows that all objectives will have to pass the test before it is approved and implemented.  Nick stated that he understood that this committee has fiscal control.

Nathan Hayward stated that on Page 16 the new State Planning Coordinator should be added to the list and the list should be alphabetical.

Lee Ann suggested endorsing the objectives and putting the caveats in a transmittal letter.

Bob McLeod stated that he agrees with all the points made and stated that the endorsement should be broad.

Dorothy Morris suggested that, taking everyone's concerns into accounty,  the endorsement read as follows:

Endorse objectives and give approval for the steering committee to move forward with identifying, prioritizing, and weighing the cost and benefits of all objectives with the understanding that all recommendations will be approved by the Executive Committee before implementation begins.

All members in attendance agreed that this wording would work; Bob Stickels stated that he would like to give additional wording.

Lee Ann asked that Dorothy send her the wording that was discussed as well as Bob Stickels wording and she would review it and come up with an endorsement that could be put into a transmittal letter.

Bob Stickels provided the following wording to Dorothy Morris:

Identify cost effective initiatives to allow for a public private partnership to develop a protection for rare, threatened, and endangered plant and animal species.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00


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