Biodiversity Outreach & Education Agenda Goals

Implementation Team Meeting – 2 pm Sept. 6

I hope that we can leave the meeting with:

  1. an understanding of our short term goals and objectives and agreement on a “plan” for achieving them.   As a  starting point for discussion, I propose that the plan include the following elements:
    • A proposal for coordinating and disseminating information about currently existing resources, programs and publications that relate to biodiversity
    • A proposal for outreach and education activities that includes categorizing audiences and tailoring messages and activities for specific audiences
    • A method for coordinating with all of the other Biodiversity Implementation teams and assisting them with outreach
    • Methods of measuring success and tracing progress in educating various audiences
  2. an agreement on a list of activities that relate closely with the plan and a firm commitment from each committee member to accept a lead responsibility for one of the activities.  The list I am proposing for discussion follows: 
    • development of  a media strategy and plan
    • coordination/ compilation of a list of current biodiversity programs for the general public
    • coordination/ compilation of a list of current biodiversity programs for school students
    • development of a public information program (such as a video or powerpoint presentation) that can be used to introduce biodiversity issues to community or school groups
    • organize a mini speakers bureau
    • development of a plan for working toward designing a school curriculum related to biodiversity conservation liaison with the Science team
    • liaison with the Land Use Planning team
    • liaison with the Resource Management team’s Landowner Incentives committee
    • liaison with the Resource Management team’s Land Acquisition committee
    • liaison with the Resource Management team’s Public Lands Management and Habitat & Species Protection committee
    • liaison with the Committee members who are working on the legislative proposals for the 2002 session
    • liaison for decision maker outreach
    • development of tools for measuring success  -- this might include  research on feasibility of a survey to guide the outreach and education efforts and to provide a baseline for measuring success of the committee’s work
    • development of a list of target audiences and a plan and liaison for dealing with each audience
    • development of a plan for distribution of brochures, videos, etc.
    • development of a plan for website outreach and electronic distribution of information


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